Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Afghanistan: Taliban send Suicide bomber to avenge so called leaflet insult.

(Kabul)  I have to express a laugh at how Muslims find fault and insult in every direction they look. From dusk to dawn, you name it, they object to it. And so it is in Afghanistan, the Taliban unhappy at being kicked out for hosting intolerant Islamists who getting bored with murdering within the country started murdering people elsewhere, be it India, Africa and of course America.

Well, the last event in 2001 cost them dearly and whilst the liberal world claims nothing has been achieved I beg to differ. The world has had its eyes opened to the scourge of intolerant Islam and it no-longer accepts the adage that Islam is a religion of peace.  Inside Afghanistan buoyed by Pakistani,Iranian and Russian funding the Taliban have made something of a comeback.Which is why the US upped the number of troops in country and has been bombing the crap out of the Allah ackba squad. Well the powers that be, understand only too well that they cannot do the task at hand without the support of the locals and thus they use soft propaganda in which to achieve their aims. One such method is  hearts and minds and so last week the US dropped a load of leaflets on Parwan Province that depicted a lion chasing a white dog -- the same colour as the Taliban's flag on which they superimposed the Taliban message which is also The Islamic statement of faith -- "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" -- was superimposed on the dog's body.

Well that Taliban quick as a paedophile into a childs pants , played to crowd, claiming this was a offence, the Americans apologised and in doing ensured  that they would be found  culpable of a hate crime against the followers of the so called religion of peace. Well today, some twat rode a motorbike up to the main gate of Bagram airbase and uttered “Allah ackba’ and killed 3 people .

The Taliban have now claimed it was to make the Americans pay for disrespecting ‘Islam’, problem is no Americans were killed.