Saturday, September 30, 2017

UK: 14-year-old boy stabbed outside a mosque; What the media isn't telling you

(Birmingham) This morning at 1am, a father dropped off his son outside the Dara Maarif-e-Islam Hussainia Mosque for a youth festival in which to celebrate Ashura, which for Shi'a Muslims commemorates the death of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Mohammed.

Unfortunately for Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims do not consider them as Muslims and go well off their way in which to spoil their days. Which is why a 29-year-old man waiting in the shadows stabbed the 14-year-old child several times before legging it into a car and buggering off. He has since been arrested. The child is now in a critical condition in a hospital.

The police have stated they do not believe it to be terror-related:
"The motivation for the attack is not yet known. We are keeping an open mind as to whether it could be racially or religiously motivated.”
And they are not calling this attack as racist. The mosque, however, believes the attack was 'inspired by ISIS', meaning the attacker was a... Muslim, a Sunni Muslim.
"The victim might have been random, but in my mind it is clear that these people are from Daesh, and wanted to kill a Shia Muslim based on the belief that they would go to heaven."
Now, if the mosque knows and accepts the fact that this was a targeted attack on a Shia Muslim, why isn’t the police and the media doing likewise, or is it wrong to label Sunni Muslims in the UK as racist, bigoted arseholes? The bBC, taking advice from its Pakistani (Sunni) masters, tries to whitewash the attack as... "racially motivated". Yet nobody is calling this a racist attack, which the media is more than happy to do if the attacker is white.

When will the authorities wake up to the fact that Sunni Islam isn’t the religion of peace they keep on trying to tell me it is?