Saturday, January 19, 2019

UK: Pious Muslim takes offence at Toilet paper, demands store be boycotted.

(UK) So a Muslim went out shopping the other day, popped into his local Jewish (Yes Jewish) Marks and Spenser store and purchased a pack of Aloe Vera Toilet tissue. On opening the pack, he was , yes horrified to find the Allah printed on the toilet paper. So like all good Muslims not only is he spreading this blasphemy to the world, he wants people to boycott the Jewish store.

What I can't understand is how a so called pious Muslim not only purchased toilet paper (Muslims don't use paper but rather use their left hand with copious amounts of water in which to wipe themselves clean, but he did so from a Jewish store.

Marks and Sparks have replied stating:
The motif on the aloe vera toilet tissue, which we have been selling for over five years, is categorically of an aloe vera leaf and we have investigated and confirmed this with our suppliers.”
Anybody else think that this bloke is talking shite.