Saturday, January 19, 2019

Somalia: Terrorists mess up big time attacking Army base 52 killed.

(Bula Gudud) Saturday morning and as is the way of the Islamic Al-Shabab terrorist group inside Somalia, they decided to attack the isolated Bulogagdud army base 50 kilcks north of the town of Kismayo. However things didn't go exactly as planned for them.

So at the crack of dawn they launched their attack with the detonation of 3 vehicle suicide bombs , followed up by an assault by lots of gun totting religious thugs. The attack killed 8 soldiers, with the rest retreating out of contact. The terrorists ransacked the base and then made their getaway with their loot. Problem for them as they drove away, a number of US air-strikes took out the truck and a couple of their vehicles their thugs were travelling in, resulting in 52 getting killed.