Thursday, January 24, 2019

Kenya: HIgh courts rules that Hijab cannot be worn in non-Islamic schools.

(Nairobi) Kenya's top court has overturned a 2016 Court of Appeal ruling that allowed female Islamic students to wear hijab in Christian schools. The 2016 ruling came after a church-run school banned female students from wearing the hijab, saying that it sowed discord. In Thursday's ruling on the petition filed by the Methodist Church of Kenya, the Supreme Court said every school has a right to determine its own dress code. As you can gather this hasn’t gone down with a certain 10% of the Kenyan population: Mohamed Bamursal, a social activist, criticised the ruling, saying:

"Totally out of order! This is against the tenets of our constitution. Freedom of worship, Hijab is an act of Worship. It's a wakeup call! Take your daughters to schools owned by Muslims!"