Thursday, January 17, 2019

Pakistan: University rebrands Valentine’s Day as ‘Sister’s Day

(Faisalabad) The University of Agriculture in Faisalabad has decided to rename Valentine’s Day and instead will be celebrating Feb. 14 as Sister’s Day in an attempt to promote "eastern culture and Islamic traditions and turn the youth away from Western ways of thinking. 

The university, will also distribute headscarves and shawls to its female students to ensure respect for women. Vice chancellor Zafar Iqbal stated on the university website:
"We were forgetting our culture, and Western culture was taking root in our society, "In our culture, women are more empowered and earn their due respect as sisters, mothers, daughters and wives”
Which is strange as hundreds of Pakistani males have been arrested around the world for sexually abusing the fairer sex. So much for that Pakistani respect then.