Saturday, January 19, 2019

Thailand: Attack on temple sees 2 monks murdered.

(Narathiwat province)  Yesterday (Friday) Gunmen targeted a Buddhist temple in the south of Thailand killing 2 Monks. The attack on the Rattanaupap temple is just the latest in a terror campaign carried out by Muslims in Thailand who rather than using the ballot box, prefer to use the bullet and the bomb in which to press their demands for the Thai provinces situated on the border with Islamic Malaysia to be granted their own independence , rather than live under a country that isn’t Islamic.

The temple attack was one of several violent incidents in Narathiwat on Friday, including a roadside bombing that wounded five members of the security forces, and a shootout between paramilitary rangers and five armed men that left one of the gunmen dead. The terror campaign which began around 2004 has resulted in around 7000 deaths.