Thursday, January 24, 2019

Gaza: Hamas rejects $15 million from Qatar , claims it is tainted by the Israeli

(Gaza) After yesterdays shooting of Israeli soldiers by Hamas and the subsequent backlash by the IDF which including closing the borders and stopping the transfer of $15 million in cash which is part of $90 million Qatar has agreed to hand over to Hamas. The hierarchy of the terrorist group has stated that it not going to accept the $15 million as it has been tainted by Israel.Khalil Al Hayya, Hamas’s deputy head in Gaza, speaking to the media opined:

“We refuse to receive the third Qatari grant in response to the (Israeli) occupation’s behaviour and attempts to evade the agreement.”
Al Hayya did not name specific conditions that were changed, but said Israel was playing politics with the funds ahead of upcoming elections. yeah right who in their right mind (especially when you are as skint as Hamas is) refuses $15 million. Its a publicity stunt designed to wind up the plebs.  

Funny enough its Friday tomorrow, the Islamic holiday and in the ME a day to protest or even carry out a terrorist attack. Expect a lot of angry folks on the border with Israel.