Monday, January 21, 2019

Philippines: Muslims vote for the right to have autonomy

(Mindanao) The second biggest Island in the Philippines archipelago is the southern Island of Mindanao which has a population of around 25 million people of which around 61% are Christian and Muslims comprise around 24%. 

The Philippines whilst predominately Christian is a secular nation which affords full rights to all faiths, but to the faithful that isn’t good enough and so since the late 1960s they have conducted a terror campaign in which to cede themselves away from Manila and either join with Islamic Malaysia to the south or form their own Islamic country this campaign has seen around 120,000 murdered by those who like to utter alis snack bar. The Government in Manila sick of the death toll which is also acting as a magnet for the idiots of this world have decided to allow 3 million  Muslims on the Island to vote for the right to have their own autonomous region known as the Bangsamoro, or "nation of Moros", by 2022. The area covers parts of Mindanao and a chain of dozens of small islands to the west notorious for piracy and banditry. About five million Muslims live in the region, which, although rich in mineral resources, is the poorest of the 16 regions in the vast archipelago. The Bangsamoro will replace an existing autonomous region with a larger, better-funded and more powerful entity. Three-fourths of tax takings in the region will go to this entity, which is expected to receive some US$1.3 billion (S$1.7 billion) in an annual grant to aid development.

The problem here, is this will do nothing but empower the faithful to up their violent campaign in which to see the entire Island (which is 60% Christian)  leave the Philippines and live under Sariah law. Isn't religious bigoty great and all we hear from the faithful is screams of Islamophobia.