Thursday, January 24, 2019

Venezuela: Socialist experiment fails as hundreds of thousands take to the streets in which to protest

(Caracas) In over 100 years Socialism has failed in every country it has been implemented in, rather than making everybody equal, it has made more people unequal.  The latest country to have tried its hand at it, Venezuela has seen water, electricity, food, medicines shortages, free speech has been banned , the government has become dictatorial  and millions of people have left in search of a better life. Well after getting re-elected with an overall majority which nobody bar: Russia, Cuba, Iran, Turkey  , Mexico and Bolivia have recognised. The plebs in former strong Government redoubts have said enough is enough and taken to the streets in which to protest. 
Just as elsewhere in the world when dictators feel threatened, they turn the army into the protesters with 14 people killed overnight. 
The US has thrown its lot in with the rest of the world and fatty dictator for life Maduro, has had a hissy fit demanding that the entire US diplomatic mission leave, I wonder why he hasn’t asked similar for virtually all of the South American countries who did the exact same before the US did. Funny that.