Sunday, January 20, 2019

Syria: Israel admits to carrying out waves of attacks on Iranian targets inside Syria

(Damascus) Israel's ongoing bunfight with Iran and its proxies kicked off again tonight when the IDF reported it is carrying out overnight strikes on Iranian targets in Syria after it intercepted a rocket fired at the Golan Heights. In a rare admission, the army said it was "currently striking" the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force in Syria and warned Syria's military against "attempting to harm Israeli territory or forces".

Israel has drawn a line in the sand regards Iran and its attempts to build bases inside Syria in which to support its forces (and proxies) wage war agaisnt Israel. Things appeared to go Iran's way when the Syrian downed a Russian spy plane last year with Russia furnishing Syria with advanced S300 anti-Aircraft missiles. However, the IDF have swatted that threat to the side and continued striking Iranian assets inside Syria with the last attack taking place a week ago:

Sunday morning (20/01/19) it was reported by Syria that they had stopped an Israeli attempt to strike inside the country. But the interesting thing here was the so called strike was made in an area defended by the latest M2 iteration of the BUK missile system . Also 2 cargo aircraft on route to Syria from Iran (One an Iranian 747 and the other a Syrian military cargo plane) had to return.

In retaliation , the Syrians launched a surface to surface missile at the ski slopes, which at this time of year is packed with skiers. That was taken out by the Iron Dome anti-missile system.
Well this evening the IDF replied in full and with a reported 5 waves of missile attacks have struck targets belonging to Iran inside Syria. As stated in a very rare admission the Israelis have actually admitted to launching the attacks. As per usual the Syrians have stated that they have brought down all the missiles and as usual buildings have ceased to exist inside Syria.
The Russians are reporting that the strikes took place on an arms shipment made today from Iran via the use of those 2 cargo aircraft which turned around earlier today The thing is whilst the Russians are saying only 7 missiles were launched and they were all shot down, the Syrians are claiming they shot 18 missiles down and yet as per usual (as mentioned above) warehouses containing Iranian missiles have gone up in smoke. Funny that. I'll update this thread later as more information becomes available