Friday, January 18, 2019

Sweden: Ibrahim Dahir found guilty of murder due to DNA evidence, wants all charges dropped.

(Gothenburg) in Oct 2017 a woman found the remains of a man who had been burnt alive in a ditch. The body was later identified as a foreign citizen in his 30s who had been kidnapped from his home by several men, tied up, beaten up and then after he was dumped in a ditch near a school to the north of the city set on fire. Police forensics found the DNA of 27 year old Ibrahim Dahir (known to the police for the numerous times served inside prison) under his finger nails and a search of his residence found the dead mans keys within and so he was nicked along with several known associates. Last December, he was found guilty (due to the evidence against him and he received a 15 year sentence as well as a £5130 fine  ($6,659) , but not before a relation to a witness was shot in both in both knee caps on the day that Dahir was indicted.

Well, as you can gather old fire starter Dahir despite his previous 10 court cases (two cases of gross assault, human rape, robbery, drug offences and knife crimes) claims he is an innocent man and that not only can he explain his DNA under the fingernails of the murdered man, he can also explain how the dead mans keys were found in his home.  So he is demanding that all charges against him are dropped and the fine quashed. Gee isn’t Western law great where you can actually have the Swedish taxpayer fund your attempt to be a freeman despite all the evidence been stacked against you.