Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Iran: Air Force Chief Threatens to Destroy Israel,

(Tehran) Not happy at how Israel wiped out yet another shipment of missiles just delivered into Syria by Mahan Air (a so called Iranian civil airline which has become the Iran's Revolutionary Guards private airline) along with a few other Iranian assets inside Syria. Iran’s air force chief  exclaimed to the world whilst foaming at the mouth:

“We’re ready for the decisive war that will bring about Israel’s disappearance from the earth. Our young airmen are prepared for the day when Israel will be destroyed,”
Right so he is saying that the Iranian air-force is more than a match for the IDF air-force lets see:
Iran has the following aircraft on its books:
Purchased 79 in 1974  with around 24 supposed to be in working order, but that depends on spare parts, which it is unable to get hold of.
Purchased 40 between 1991 and 1994, around 25 supposed to be in working order
Purchased 225 during the 1960s around 64 in a working condition
Purchased 181 during the 1960s, of which 25 are in a working condition
26 arrived from Iraq in 1991 with 6 more purchased from others of which around 23 are in a working condition.
Chinese clone of the Mig 21 of which Iran has 17 in a working condition
9 acquired from Iraq in 1991

That people is the total aircraft strike force of Iran. All the planes are over 49 years of age and are virtually held together with black masking tape. Now lets look at what the IDF have:

Israel has 58 of these which have been upgraded to Baz-2000 status
not to be confused with the F-15, Israel purchased 25, and looks set to purchase some more
Israel has purchased 224
Israel has received 14 out of an order for 50

All the above aircraft have been upgraded by Israel to a much higher standard than any other variant of said aircraft. Making them much more lethal 

So whilst the chief of the Iranian air force feels his boys can wipe out the IDF inthe air , the simple fact remains not only are the Israel aircraft newer, they are better looked after, they are more lethal  and flown by much better trained pilots. 

The last time the IDF met a similar armed air-force in the air was in 1982 over Lebanon , then as in 1973 the area was protected by large numbers of anti-aircraft missile batteries Not only did the IDF destroy 29 out of 30 Syrian anti-aircraft batteries , they also shot down 86 Syrian fighter jets for no loss. With how the IDF took out targets inside Syria the otherday including advanced Anti-aircraft systems, if I were the Iranians I'd think twice before sending outdated aircraft into the sky agaisnt the IDF