Friday, January 25, 2019

US: Forget China,Russia, and India, private US companies are leading the race into Space.

(US) Blue Origin-the space firm owned by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos- successfully launched eight NASA research and technology payloads into space on the 23rd January ,  The reusable new Shepard rocket's mission lasted just over 10 minutes and culminated in a successful touchdown at Blue Origin's west Texas facility.

What’s so exciting about Blue Origin is it is a direct competitor to Space X, which with their reusable space rockets have pushed the boundaries of space travel to the very edge. Whilst the media waxes lyrical about China, India and Russia regards their own space programs, the fact remains private US companies such as Space X , Blue Origin and even the likes of Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic
are leading the race into space, a race I should add where they are doing it a lot cheaper than the rest. Which is the direction we need to go in, if we are to leave this planet in search of a new life in space.