Friday, January 18, 2019

Sudan: Protests agaisnt Bashir continue for 5th week.

(Khartoum) Stone-throwing Sudanese demonstrators battled security forces in Khartoum on Thursday, witnesses said, and a child and a doctor were reported killed at the start of a fifth week of protests against President Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule. Protests also broke out in six other cities in some of the most widespread disturbances since the unrest began on Dec. 19. Sudan has struggled economically since losing three-quarters of its oil output - its main source of foreign currency - when Christian South Sudan seceded in 2011, keeping most of the oilfields. The protests began in Atbara, in north-eastern Sudan, a month ago when several thousand people took to the streets after the government raised bread and fuel prices to reduce the cost of subsidies. The government has managed so far to keep protests from getting out of hand by the use of violent and deadly force, whilst official figures state that around 25 people have been killed since the protests started, people believe that figures are been managed for media consumption and that the death toll is much higher. Naturally dictator for life  Bashir has blamed the protests on foreign “agents. Now there’s a surprise.