Monday, January 21, 2019

Venezuela : Puts down mini miltary revolt.

(Caracas) I appears that the pressure against the dictator for life in Venezuela has just gone up a notch after 27 national guardsmen decided to have a mini revolt in the early after a group of heavily armed national guardsmen published a series of videos on social media saying they wouldn’t recognize Maduro's government, that was quickly put down by forces loyal to President Nicolas Maduro. However the Guardsmen received a lot of support from the public who took to violent street protests in which to opine about the poor state of the country.
"Freedom! Freedom!" they chanted, "Maduro has to go!"
This was followed hours later when the Supreme Court said it was throwing out recent measures by the National Assembly that declared Maduro's presidency illegitimate, deepening a standoff with the opposition-controlled legislature. The justices ruled that the new leadership of congress itself is invalid, and urged the country's chief prosecutor to investigate whether congressional leaders had acted criminally in openly defying the nation's constitution. Oh dear it appears that even the socialists in Venezuela have had enough of socialism