Sunday, January 20, 2019

Central African Republic: Portuguese paratroopers raid rebel base

(Bambari) The Central African Republic has seen nothing but pain and destruction after Islamic rebels took the Christian country at gunpoint in 2013 and decided to make life a living hell for those who didn’t support the faith. 

Problem was as the country is 80% Christian as opposed to 10% Islamic, it wasn’t long before the majority Christian population fought back. The UN sent in troops to try and keep the peace, but as this is the UN (and I've worn the blue Beret)  they will do very little to protect the victims of any conflict allowing those with the bullet and the bomb to have their way. Which is why armed Islamic groups still litter the country and one such group the UPC (Union for Peace in the Central African Republic) decided that as they were short of supplies that they would raid the local town and levy a tax on the inhabitants on the 10th of January. For once the UN decided to actually do something and sent in Portuguese paratroopers to show the UPC that killing non-Muslims in a Christian country will not be tolerated.