Thursday, January 24, 2019

Lebanon: Iran trying to change the constitution in its favour.

(Beirut) Lebanon used to be known as the Paris of the Middle East  where everybody lived in peace. That is until the PLO were kicked out of Jordan in 1971 after trying to take control there and relocated themselves in Lebanon. The first thing these peaceful victims did was start a war agaisnt the Lebanese Christians which blew up into the Lebanese civil war, until the Israelis invaded in 1982 in which to sort out the mess to the north which was resulting in numerous terrorist attacks being launched from Lebanon into Israel, this saw the PLO exiled to Tunisia and Iran moving in to take up the slack.

Anyway the politics of Lebanon which ensued a peaceful existence until the PLO sought asylum there, was a power sharing affair which afforded equality to all three faiths (Christian, Sunni and Shia Islam)
  • The President, is a Maronite Christian.
  • The Speaker of the Parliament, is a Shi'a Muslim.
  • The Prime Minister, is a Sunni Muslim.
Iran having invested heavily in Lebanon via its puppet Hezb-allah feels that it should be afforded more sway in the running of things and since 2006 it has used overt pressure, death threats and murder in which to gain a seat or two in parliament. But it has now been revealed that since 2006 Iran has been demanding for the creation of an additional  vice-presidential seat - like that of the prime minister and the speaker –but to be occupied by a Shiite figure. At a stroke shifting the equal power setting away from equality towards Hezb-allah which we known means Tehran.