Sunday, January 20, 2019

Ireland: Trying very hard to revoke jailed jihadist's Irish citizenship

(Dublin) I have to laugh, Ireland which had no problem hiding IRA terrorists after the rest of the world wanted them for terrorism, which took back with open arms , the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader who went to Egypt in which to protest or even fight) agaisnt the current Government after the Muslim Brotherhood were kicked out of power, which openly supports the likes of Hamas when it comes to Israel. Which objects to US planes refuelling at Shannon airport because the yanks are targeting Islamic terrorists . Is seeking to remove citizenship from Algerian-born Ali Charaf Damache who gained citizenship in 2008.

You see Ali received a 15 year sentence last year in the US for trying to murder a Swedish cartoonist and the now very common act of belonging to a terrorist group (al-Qa'ida) which in his case entailed encouraging Americans to fly over to Europe in which to take up a very short life of Jihad oh, he was also the ring leader of the group trying to get those Americans to utter 'Alis snack bar'
Well as  as part of his plea bargain , he is set to be deported to either Ireland or Algeria at the end of his sentence.. Well the Irish are having none of that and are going out of their way in which to remove his Irish passport. The thing is Ali isn't happy and is very eager to retain his Irish citizenship as you see he is worried about being tortured or killed if he is returned to his native country. He has also argued he has relations in France and revoking his citizenship will isolate him from them as he will no longer be an EU citizen.

Expect a huge cash payout in the future to this poor Irish citizen for hurt feelings, but hey got to laugh how the Irish who have had no problem supporting Islamic intolerance elsewhere have found out the hard way that affording these people citizenship comes back to bite you very hard.