Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Kurdistan: Jihadi Brides by the thousands with nowhere to go

With the collapse of ISIS, thousands of their non-Middle Eastern followers have been captured by the Kurds. Due to so many they are trying to get their former home countries to take them in, naturally they have been reticent to do so and so the brides of ISIS are left in limbo under the auspices of the Kurds. France 24  has knocked out a short video in one of the camps and what surprised me, is how all these women who claim they were duped , that their husbands were ISIS, but medics and that they didn't subscribe to the ISIS way of life, still cover up head to toe in a way they say isn't them. Really?

What I found really revealing was the reaction when the interviewer asks the French woman (with glasses and face mask) who her husband is , after she stated he sent her to Syria and remained inside France. Do they really think we are that stupid and gullible.