Monday, January 21, 2019

Israel : Reveals more information regards this morning strikes agaisnt Syria

(Jerusalem)  The IDF have revealed that they have struck numerous targets inside Syria pertaining to Iran and Hezb-allah.

Also revealed was the fact that Syrian air-defence assets which protected those sites were also taken out:
What is really interesting about the above video clip is it shows the IDF aggressively taking out Syrian Anti-Aircraft batteries, including (seen at the end of the clip) the so called all singing dancing Pantsir S1 missile system of which Iran purchased 50 for Syria on the basis that it is promoted as one of the most advanced and effective anti-aircraft systems in the world. In fact so good does the Russians see the Pantsir, they actually use it to defend their S300/400 missile batteries .

However it appears that the IDF didn't get that memo last May when they took one out and shared the video for all the world to see. The Russian excuse was it had :
a) Run out of ammo
b) It was turned off
With that in mind, I wonder what excuse they will come out with this time.