Thursday, January 17, 2019

Columbia: Car bomb hits Colombia capital: 9 killed ,54 injured.

(Bogotá) A huge car bomb has been detonated outside a police training school in the Columbian capital , killing 9 people and injuring a further  54 people. 8 of the dead are police cadets, with the 9th being an Ecuadorian citizen.  The driver of the vehicle which contained the bomb has been identified as a 57 year old, who when his car was stopped by guards at a checkpoint, accelerated away and hit a wall, at which point the car exploded. No group has claimed responsibility for the blast.

In a continent where the vast majority of the population are catholic , who see suicide as a sin, it does make you wonder who would detonate a carbomb outside the female quarters of the police barracks. Funny enough across the border in Venezuela, the likes of Hezb-allah and Iran have a very strong standing with the current socialist administration, an administration which openily hates the Colombians which has funded terrorists acts inside the country and who would like nothing more than for the spotlight of media attention look elsewhere.