Thursday, January 31, 2019

Iran : Bans people walking their dogs.

(Tehran)  The one thing I have come to notice about the nature of Islam, is its penchant for banning things that upsets them. Be it Bras , Nike shoes or even toilet paper, once anybody amongst the faithful has his back up, there's a fatwa not far behind.

Which is why people have been banned from walking their dogs in public as apparently it causes panic and anxiety among the public,. Well so says 'Hossein Rahimi' Tehrans chief of police who speaking to the media summed up by stating:
"People who walk their dogs in public places shall be dealt with severely"
What I cannot understand is, if this measure is down  to the panic feel when bumping into a dog on a leash in public, then why have the Polcie also banned people from transporting their dogs inside their vehicles. With Tehrans version of Chief Wiggum stating that: 
"Dogs will also be banned from cars, police will seriously confront dog owners who let their dogs ride in their cars."
So much for targeting dogs in public then,