Thursday, July 13, 2017

Somalia: US, Somalia forces raid al-Shabab, kill several

(Mogadishu) United States and Somali military forces raided a rebel-held village in  Somalia  just south of the capital and killed several al-Shabab fighters early Thursday. The troops who arrived by heliborne assets hit two terrorist locations. They included a detention centre run by al-Shabab in Kunya-Barrow village in the Lower Shabelle region, where an unknown number of detainees were freed. Troops engaged a small number of extremist fighters. From the tone of official reports the US forces simply assisted (And guided) the Somali troops. However, I would take that with a pinch of salt with a view that the US SF were in charge throughout.

Al-Shabab quickly related to its leftwing supporters in the west that its fighters foiled an attempted raid by U.S. and African forces. Well they do have Allah on their side.