Saturday, July 22, 2017

India: Author told convert to Islam or we chop your arms and legs off

(Kozhikode) Whilst the news world is inundated with allegations of Islamic victimhood, in the real one we find the opposite, and as usual, very few people get to hear of the real meaning of… Islamophobia.

Novelist and short story writer K P Ramanunni received a threat six days ago in response to an article he had written in a regional daily appealing to Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists to stop fighting each other in the name of religion. Because he had placed Muslims and Hindus on the same platform, his detractors accused him of misleading the Islamic youth.
"Like T J Joseph, your right arm will be cut off... Your left leg too. You are given six months to convert to Islam. If you do not embrace Islam, we will inflict Allah's punishment on you."
(T J Joseph, was a professor in the Thodupuzha New Man College, whose right arm was chopped off as he was returning home from the Sunday mass at a church in India on July 4, 2010 by members of a radical Muslim outfit for allegedly hurting their religious sentiments through a question paper he had set.)

Ramanunni said though he had ignored the letter initially, other senior writers advised him to file the police complaint.