Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Arabian Gulf: US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ship

(Arabian Gulf) Yet again the Mad Mullahs have tried to play my cock is bigger than your cock with the US Navy which, when faced with an Iranian gunboat ignoring all forms of communication as it sailed within 150 feet of the front of the USS Thunderbolt, suddenly stopped dead in the water when said ship opened up with a machine gun and fired just in front of the Iranian ship.

The US Navy ship involved, as stated, was the USS Thunderbolt. A Cyclone class patrol ship commissioned into the United States Navy 7 October 1995. Coming in at 331 tonnes, these small patrol boats' primary mission is coastal patrol and interdiction surveillance, a task it is perfectly suited to do in the pinch points of the Arabian Gulf. For their small size these ships are well suited in defending larger ships from the swarm boat tactics which Iran would use in any future conflict. To that end they are armed with the following:

2 × MK 38 25 mm autocannon
5 × .50 caliber machine guns
2 × MK 19 40 mm automatic grenade launchers
2 × M240B machine guns
6 × FIM-92 Stinger SAMs
2 × MK-60 quadruple BGM-176B Griffin B missile launchers

Naturally, the Iranian intent is to wave their little cocks around in the air in which to either intimidate the US or even worse - give them a reason to close down the Gulf to tanker traffic. Problem is, the last time they did that, Regan was in office and he hit the mad mullahs hard.