Friday, July 21, 2017

UK: Muslim woman demands apology for getting stopped by counter terrorism police after returning from Turkey

(London) Poor little Faizah Shaheen was stopped and questioned by British Anti-Terrorism Police after she returned from Turkey last summer. After 15 minutes, she was released with no further action. It appears that Mrs Shaheen caught the eye of the outgoing cabin crew when she was reading a Syrian art book. However, she believes she was singled out for her faith. Here is the young lady in question crying foul play to the media:

So traumatised was Mrs Shaheen, she is now going to the courts in which to demand an apology for being taken aside for 15 minutes (she states she was held for 30 minutes, yet the original news report from the bBC no less states 15 minutes.) I wonder why the bBC hasn't looked into the book in question:

And some of the pictures found inside it, pictures I should ask would raise a few eyebrows if found to be read by a young Islamic woman on a plane to Turkey, then the main gateway into Syria for the followers of..ISIS. But apparently the bBC didn't bother its arse in asking such pertinent questions. Funny that?