Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Belgium: Muslims lose veil ban appeal

(Brussels) In 2011, Belgium banned the Islamic face veil on the grounds of security, in which to allow police to identify people. However 2 females: Samia Belcacemi, and Moroccan national Yamina Oussar felt this was an affront to their basic human rights and took the Belgium government to court.

Both women said they chose of their own free will to wear the niqab and claimed their rights had been infringed and that the law was discriminatory. Well, today, the European Court of Human Rights didn’t agree with their point of view and found in favour of the government.
"The court found that the concern to ensure respect for the minimum guarantees of life in society could be regarded as an element of the 'protection of the rights and freedoms of others' and that the ban was justifiable in principle, solely to the extent that it sought to guarantee the conditions of 'living together'."
This win for the Government comes on top of another court case made by another Muslim (Fouzia Dakir) against the ban on covering up for Allah. Hang on, it's not in the Koran, rather it is a cultural practice imposed on females by misogynistic wankers with small dicks. Ironically, whilst the non-Islamic world is beset with Muslims going out of their way in which to enforce their religion down our necks, in Islamic countries such as Iran, women go out of their way in which to ditch their head-covering.