Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Austria: Hamas terrorist jailed for life over terror plot

(Wien) A Palestinian asylum seeker belonging to terrorist group Hamas has been given a life sentence in Austria for plotting a terror attack against Jews in Israel.

The 27-year-old was arrested at an asylum-seeker centre in Lower Austria last July after mobile phone messages exchanged between him and two other people back in Jerusalem revealed that he had told the other two men to throw “apples” − a code word for hand grenades − into crowds in Jerusalem. Both accomplices in Israel were detained by Israeli authorities in June 2016, leading to the arrest of the so called asylum seeker the following month in the Austrian town of Gmuend.

Well, he was found guilty on Monday of belonging to a terror organisation and attempting to incite murder. Prosecutors accused him of contacting two men in the Palestinian territories via social media apps and ordering them to carry out killings of Jews in Jerusalem. It was also revealed that Mr (please give me asylum as I can only be a victim) Terrorist served nine years in an Israeli prison after being arrested in Gaza at 14 for attacking soldiers.