Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Iran: Tells US move your Military bases 620 miles away from our border or else!

(Tehran) The mad mullahs have gained a reputation for making bombastic remarks and the latest one is well up there with "There are no gays in Iran" . Iran to send a man into Space   or my favourite their many claims to be at the cutting edge of Military technology.

Anyway after numerous infractions of that Nuke deal that Obama hashed out, the current US President is having none of the Iranian grand standing that the previous incumbent allowed to take place and so he has just hit Iran with a raft of new sanctions for continuing continuing to develop its ballistic missile program, which the United States and other countries consider a violation of UN Security Council resolutions. Well that hasn't gone down well with the Mad Muallahs who taking time out in which to rape little boys (It's an Iranian pastime)   

Have issued a warning to the US in which to remove all their military bases 1000 Kms (620miles) from their borders. In a nutshell that means all of Iraq ,Syria and Afghanistan. Something tells me, that President Trump won't be listening to the kiddy fiddlers in Iran.