Tuesday, July 18, 2017

UK: Mustafa in court for throwing acid over a pregnant woman

(London) Along with gun crime and knife crime, the peaceful followers of Islam have also brought acid crime to the UK. Which is why 19-year-old Mustafa Ahmed, of Stepney, East London, appeared at Thames Magistrates Court today charged with one count of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and one count of attempted wounding with intent to do GBH.

It appears at the start of the month a couple got into an argument with a bunch of Somali men. Several hours later and the same couple were splashed by 3 men with acid. The 40-year-old pregnant woman had acid thrown on her stomach and the male had acid thrown in his face.

In court, Ahmed, who currently lives with his parents and is studying in college, spoke only to confirm his name, age and address. His defence counsel Larry Matthews told the court that his client 'emphatically denies' any involvement in the offences. Well, naturally, he would.

Currently, throwing acid into somebody's face is all the rage, and yet the media (or the authorities) haven't managed to work out exactly how this evil act seems to be centred around East London. You know, that East London which is ground zero for the Bangladeshi population of the UK. Funny enough, Bangladesh also has the highest cases of acid attacks in the world.

Ah, what cultural enrichment Islam has given the UK.