Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Eygpt: 3 Terrorists taken out in one day.

(Cairo) Every since the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) (who swept to power in a time of turmoil) were removed by the military at the behest of the population  a terrorist campaign has been waged by them in which to try and regain power. (Like all Islamic despotic groups). This campaign has been bloody, primarily targeting the security forces and Christians  of which Egypt sees an attack at least once a week against the army and once a month against Non-Muslims. To the liberal media the MB are the true rulers of Egypt and thus they remain silent on the vast number of terrorist attacks carried out . Well today is going to be a black arm band day for those liberal ethical lattes drinkers as the Egyptian Army have taken out 3 of Allahs little helpers.

In the first setback for the MB, two senior members of the Hasam group -- an extremist movement the government accuses of links to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood were taken out

The second setback saw a leader of a militia affiliated with the Islamic State group take out , funny enough near Gaza. (why am I not surprised)