Monday, July 17, 2017

UK: The worst level of anti-Semitism on record

(London) Whilst the Islamic world and their sycophants opine about Islamophobia in the UK (I'm brown skinned, have an Islamic name (but not Mohammed), live in a virtually white market town and I have experienced no hatred), it has just been reported that anti-Semitism has been recorded at the highest levels ever. For some strange reason, the bBC hasn't bothered its arse in reporting this. But hey, they have no problem feeding me a diet of Islamophobia.

The 2016 National Antisemitic Crime Audit registered a total of 1,078 anti-Semitic crimes, including 105 that were violent — about one in 10. Only one of the violent crimes was prosecuted, according to the audit. Anti-Semitic crime has already been a factor in the initial months of 2017, with incidents including the firebombing of kosher restaurants in Manchester; a man stopped by police after chasing Jews in London, brandishing a meat cleaver and machete; and police closing down London streets to make way for a major pro-Hezbollah march.