Thursday, July 27, 2017

Israel: After the Temple dome climb down, what do the Arabs do....Riot.

(Jerusalem)  After the murder of 2 policemen at the Temple of the Dome a fortnight ago, the Israelis concerned at how weapons had been smuggled into the holy area, installed metal detectors in which to ensure that this didn't happen again. Well the Islamic world went into a melt down and for a bunch of people who have remained silent on the killing fields of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia and Afghanistan  , they had no problem protesting about security designed to protect the lives of Islamic worshippers in Israel. Well due to the pressure of an actual war on the streets of Israel, the authorities backed down , but the Muslims were still not happy and demanded the removal of even the security cameras and the Israelis did so in which to keep the peace.

So today hoards of Muslims descended on the mosque at the Temple of the dome in which to pray to Alalh and what did they do....They rioted.  Police said worshippers began hurling rocks at security forces upon their reentry to the compound. A Palestinian Red Crescent spokesperson has informed The Times of Israel that 96 people were treated for injuries during today’s clashes

Faster than you can utter Allies snackba, the wankers at Amnesty International have expressed their ethical skinny latte outrage:

No doubt the Islamic world will now play the victim card and demand more concessions from a riot they intentionally started in which to keep the poor Islamic world angry.