Friday, July 7, 2017

Syria: The battle for the self proclaimed ISIS capital continues

(Raqqa) In Syria the Kurds backed by the US, continue to chip away at the self proclaimed Islamic state capital.  Attacking from the North, East, South and the West, The capital of the 1000 year caliphate is going the way of the capital of the Third Reich, unfortunately for the world, due to the cult of do-gooders , bombing the city from the face of the planet is a no-no. So troops are having to do the dirty work of clearing every inch by hand.

With a sense of irony the so called super warriors of Islam are been whittled away by female soldiers, lending some credence to the adage that the female of the species is much more deadlier than the male.

A number of news orgs have sent reporters to the city, however I found this one from a few days ago to be one of the better ones. (Sky news have an equally good report)