Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Iraq: German Bride of ISIS captured.

(Mosul)  Now that the heavy fighting for Mosul has finished, the Iraqi army (and friends) are carrying out a systematic search of the area  in which to finally clear the area. One such search found a young white girl who initially was thought to be a Yazidi girl who had been enslaved by ISIL, as a family was looking for a daughter of a similar description, but a relative came to try to identify her and said she wasn't that girl. It is now believed that the girl in question is German teenager  Linda Wenzel, who last year converted to Islam and did the Islamic version of a Gap year by relocating to Syria (In this case then onto Iraq)  in which to join ISIS.

Wenzel was captured in a tunnel system underneath Mosul by armed forces mopping up after the battle for the city. She was with around 30 other women from Russia, Turkey, Canada and Chechnya, some of whom wore suicide vests and were carrying automatic weapons.Iraqi security forces have said that 16 year old Wenzel had been working as a sniper for ISIL in the city, which had been pounded by heavy artillery for months in the run-up to its recapture.

The problem for the West isn't that this brainwashed teenager won't be the first ISIS thug to be captured over the coming weeks, but rather do they allow them to return to the West in which to carry out their unholy Jihad. We all know the answer that they will be returned to their home countries, however will we hold the so called experts who will release them back into the fold, when they decide its time to utter "Allah Ackba" in a crowded area.