Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sweden: Syrian Christian put in hospital by his fellow countrymen because they thought he was gay

(Södertälje) 31-year-old Gabriel Chabo, a Syrian Orthodox Christian immigrant in Sweden, went out for lunch last Friday with his brother-in-law in the city of Södertälje.

As they left their car, a group of ‘immigrants’, also Syrian, surrounded him and proceeded to attack him because they presumed he was ‘gay’. Actually, Gabriel isn’t gay, but he is an LGBT supporter and this is what he thinks is why so many of his fellow countrymen don’t like him. Gabriel stated:
"if you are going to stay in Sodertalje, you pay the money, because you are gay," he says. I said "no, I'm straight, you can leave me alone."
Gabriel is convinced that he was attacked because he openly stands up for gay rights. He also links up Friday's attack with past events - the beauty salon be co owns with his sister has been vandalized and that he has been subjected to abuse via social media. Did I mention he's a Christian?

 Lisa and Gabriel Chabo  (left of picture)