Tuesday, July 18, 2017

UK: How Political correctness has turned London into a Third world City

(UK) London is in the grip of a huge crime wave. Gun, knife and acid attacks are rife. Muggers drive around on mopeds with impunity. The police do try their best, but the black and Islamic communities where these crimes are rife scream foul play when the Police try to do their job. Not only that but if you are a bystander and you step in to prevent an armed robbery and one of the armed robbers later dies in hospital, it is you who gets arrested. In fact the so called impartial bBC will even write a sob story for the dead thug telling everybody what a nice bloke he was and advertises a go-fund me page for the twat. Anybody who asks questions about black/Islamic crime is deemed a racist and thus the rot continues into turning London into a lawless third world country. Funny enough a lot of this crime wave started after Human rights lawyer Sadiq Khan became London Mayor. Also strange is how the last US President was a Human rights lawyer as well. Anyway for any ethical latte drinking liberal wankers reading this, here's a fine example from this Sunday past of the cultural enrichment you have forced onto the British way of life. Enjoy: