Wednesday, July 12, 2017

UK: British MP Dianne Abbot complains about Racist abuse

(London)  The British MP Diane Abbot has spoken out in parliament about the abuse she receives on a daily basis for being a black woman in the UK. She related about receiving racist abuse, including use of the N-word, “over and over again” every day – both online and offline. Nobody should have to face abuse like this, period and I speak as somebody who was thrown off a bus with my mother as a child for being...Asian. Getting assaulted by a policeman for not understanding the question which tree i lived in (which resulted in me taking up the martial arts) and for getting kicked out of many pubs during my youth for been...Asian. However that said, Mizz Abbott really can't claim the moral highground as she is one of the largest advocates of identity politics in the UK and has no problem playing the race card when it suits her:

And there's plenty more examples of  open racism from Abbott.