Tuesday, July 11, 2017

India: Pakistani funded Terrorists murder 7 and injure 32

(Kashmir)  The Pakistani funded insurgency on its border with India saw a Bus of Hindu pilgrims attacked yesterday with 7 people  (6 women and 1 male)  killed and 32 others injured.

The initial attack at around 2020hrs local time at a police checkpoint however the intended target was a bunker, when the bunker fired back the terrorists buggered off and as they did so opened fire on a picket of police, they too retaliated and faced with having to retreat , the Islamic terrorists opened fire on a bus full of devout Hindu pilgrims on the first Monday of Shravan, one of the holiest months in the Hindu calendar.

Unfortunately the bus shouldn't have been there, as there is a curfew on all pilgrimage travel from 1900hrs onwards. However there they were and 7 people have been murdered. As Islam is a minority faith in India there is a very real chance of a backlash in the hundreds if not thousands. In 2002 a rumour that a fire on a train carrying Hindu pilgrims (killing 58) was the work of Islamic terrorists saw over 1000 people killed (790 Muslims, 254 Hindu and 223 missing and over 2500 injured) As mentioned this was a rumour which turned out to be exactly that, and yet over 1000 people died. The fire happened in the state of Gujarat , the people attacked yesterday were from...Gujarat.