Monday, July 17, 2017

UK: Muslims in the UK play Islamophobic card over gay ex-Muslims

(London) One thing that is a given for the followers of Islam in the UK, is they only see themselves as victims. After any terrorist attack we are regaled to tales not of the victims, but rather of how Muslims fear attacks. Yes there have been a number of incidents in the UK, yet the simple fact remains this past couple of months has seen 30 people killed by Jihadists in the UK, on the other side of the coin, one Muslim has been killed. That figure is mirrored throughout Europe, where there is much more chance of people dying at the sound of Allah Ackba, than at the hands of a rabid right-wing bigot.

And so it is with open hatred and bigotry. The other week saw London Pride and the Gay community take to the streets in which to express to the world what a fantastic time they are having. One such group which took part was the Ex Muslim crowd, specifically in the case the homosexual Ex Muslim crowd and for once safe in the midst of a congregation of like sided people they decided to express quite elegantly what they thought of the polarized straight jacket of Islam which they decided to leave behind.

No, I don't know what the bloke on the left is bloody wearing.

Problem is, they upset the UK’s Muslims with the East London Mosque (seat of Islam in the UK) issuing a cry of Islamophobia. The Irony here is the East London Mosque has no problem promoting the open hatred of Homosexuals. Oh they say that isn’t so. But the fact remains, Islam in the UK has no room for gay people. In fact, after Jews, Muslims openly despise the rainbow crowd. Yet when that persecuted group tells it as it is, why it’s a f-ing hate crime. Pity the East London Mosque didn't mention the 10 Muslim majority countries in the world where being gay amounts to a death sentence.

The irony.