Saturday, July 8, 2017

Venezuela: National Assembly attacked by Maduro supporters

(Caracas) On Wednesday about 100 government supporters burst into Venezuela's National Assembly, where they went about attacking lawmakers. Military police guarding the site stood by as the mob brandishing sticks and pipes broke through the gate, entered the National Assembly building reaching as far as the corridors of the congressional building, striking and injuring lawmakers and ordering journalists to leave the premises.

It can only be presumed that the attack on the National Assembly was carried out due to it being controlled by the opposition to the socialist government , which due to its failed economic and social policies has not only bankrupt the oil rich country, but torn apart the social fabric of the country which exemplifies why socialism in all its forms simply does not work.  

The attackers were all supporters of the President Nicolas Maduro's, who faces opposition demands for elections in which to remove him from office.  Who when informed of the attack live on National TV , promptly denounced the violence.

"I absolutely condemn these deeds. I will never be complicit in any act of violence, I have ordered an investigation, and may justice be done."
This he followed up  by demanding  the Venezuelan opposition to recognize assaults on military units, public transportation units, children's and maternal hospitals, as well as the terrorist attack with bombs and bullets on the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) June, in which children and workers were injured.

The pressure appears to be mounting on President Maduro' as he went on national TV friday evening and had a rant at President Juan Manuel Santos of Columbia
“He has to ask for my blessing because we’re his fathers, bow and get on your knees before your father, Santos; I am your father, Santos.”
And we all know how badly that went the last time somebody said that.