Monday, July 24, 2017

Afghanistan: Taliban car bomb attack in Kabul kills 24

(Kabul) It never fails to amaze me just how much moral support the Western media gives to Islamic terrorists, be it Hamas, Hezballah or even the Al Shabab. They have no problem getting them on the phone after each and every terrorist attack in which to ask their opinion. So it is with the Taliban, you know, that polarised bunch of intolerant racist bigots who are allowed to say they don't target civilians, yet are behind the vast majority of deaths in Afghanistan. At a stroke, the Western media legitimises these evil people, whilst demanding explanations of the authorities over harming the hair of any terrorist suspect.

So it was today when the so called child friendly Taliban detonated a car bomb in the centre of Kabul, killing 24 and injuring another 40. They said they were targeting intelligence service officials. In reality, they hit a bus full of mine workers. Yet to the likes of the bBC, peace will only come to Afghanistan when foreign troops leave the country to the mercy of the Taliban. Funny enough, they say the same thing about Israel, Kashmir, Southern Thailand, The Philippines, and Yemen. Strange how the Islamic world (and their Western sycophants) subscribes to this notion that peace can only come about via appeasement.