Friday, July 7, 2017

UK: Islamic radio station 'Iman FM' suspended for broadcasting 'terrorist's hate-speech' during Ramadan

(Sheffield) A Islamic radio station has been taken off the air after broadcasting 25 hours of lectures "encouraging and condoning" violence towards non-Muslim people.

The British authorities were urged to investigate Iman FM after a listener complained that they had aired lectures by American terrorist Anwaral-Awlaki, which encouraged violence and religious hatred during Ramadan. Ofcom (The British media governing body) concluded that they had "serious concerns" about Iman FM's decision to give a platform to a "widely-known terrorist leader an al-Qaeda recruiter".

Al-Awlaki was designated a global terrorist by the US government in 2010 and was placed on the UN Security Council Resolution's list of individuals associated with al-Qaeda in 2011. His sermons, which Ofcom said overtly endorse violence as a religious duty, are believed to have inspired several recruits to Islamic militancy. Al-Awlaki was killed in a drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

In their defence Iman FM stated it was:
 “not aware of the background of the preacher and had no knowledge of him being proscribed by the United Nations”. 
It added that “had this fact been known” they would not have broadcast the lectures and accepted the material breached the broadcasting code.

Anybody else here who doesn't believe the lame we didn't know he was a proscribed  terrorist excuse?