Wednesday, July 19, 2017

EU: Decides to stop selling rubber boats to Libya

(Europe) For years now the manderins at the EU have dithered about what to do with the hoards of economic migrants swarming into Europe from their own countries. First of all they tried paying despotic leaders to limit the numbers (Colonel Gaddafi, in the beginning and later on Pocket dictator Erdo─čan) both failed. Some bright spark decided to send boats off the coast of Libya in which to rescue migrants around 10-50 miles off the coast. When that got too much, they halted it, only for liberals and do-gooders demanding the EU starts up the taxis rescue service as people were drowning. Then the Germans really let the cat out of the bag when they opened their borders and said everybody is welcome.  Which is were we are today with millions of Economic Migrants across Europe actually been housed, fed and clothed at the tax payers expense.

The EU political Elites simply do not have the Political will power in which to say 'Stop' and so they have dithered. They are currently at an impasse with the Eastern European countries who have stated, that they intend to preserve their Christian culture by not accepting hundreds of thousands of Islamic Migrants . The liberals still aren't happy and demand these countries be punished for not doing the right thing, they remain silent on the rise of crime (Terrorism, murders, rapes) and refer to people like me who point these facts out as a racist and still the EU dithers. Well finally the EU has decided to act in which to stem the flow of economic migrants from primarily Africa. So what have they decided to do:
Deport anybody found to be an Illegal....No
Send them to a safe area.....No.

Even better and much more effective than all of the above, the EU has decided to stop selling rubber boats to Libya.  It does make you wonder if these people live on the same planet as the rest of us.