Sunday, November 6, 2016

UK: Media covers up the bigotry of so called vulnerable children

For months now, the liberals have painted this picture that we should think about the children of Syria. You know, those 20-30-year-old men who the ethical latte drinkers try to hoodwink you into thinking they are infants and that the UK should do the right thing by importing them into the country in their thousands.

Apparently, France, a part of the wonderful EU, isn't deemed to be a safe place for non-white people. But hey, the so called racist UK is. Have a butchers at this Guardian article in which to see what I mean:

Most Calais camp child refugees ‘traumatised and depressed’
Nearly all of the children who stayed in the now demolished Calais camp for refugees have a mental health condition such as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression, according to psychiatric assessments of some of those waiting to come to Britain…. Citizens UK estimates hundreds of them have a legal right to sanctuary in the UK, but on Friday, following more than a week of delays, the government confirmed that none would be transferred this weekend. Charities have called on the government to resume transfers to the UK immediately.
As mentioned, the left go to great lengths in which to spin the lie that these so called children would all contribute to making the UK a better place. Which is why Ch4 News did a huge cover up on what a child in Syria actually said: