Monday, November 28, 2016

UK: Human rights stupidity

(London) In 2014, 26-year-old supermarket worker Tareena Shakil decided that she had had enough of living in the UK, and so with her 14-month-old child, she packed her bags and buggered off to Syria in which to join ISIS. Once there, so took to social media in which to berate people living in the UK, posed her son for pictures wearing the garb of ISIS and expressed to the world that there is no god but Allah.

ISIS Niqab

ISIS Gun Bitch

A Pious Muslim

We'll all going on a Jihad Holiday

Anyway, once ISIS started losing, she packed her bags and returned to the UK in which to continue the good fight. Unfortunately for this fifth columnist, she was picked up by the police on re-entering the country. Well, she cried and cried that actually she was the victim.

The courts were having none of this and in January this year she was found guilty of being a terrorist spunk trumpet and jailed for 6 years. Well, it's now transpired that this open and shut case cost the British taxpayer £132,000 ($163,850) in legal aid in which to try and prove that this terrorist was the victim. The question I have to ask is… Why? She should be sent back to Syria (Aleppo) in which to fight the good fight she thought she would be fighting in which to make the World …Islamic.