Thursday, November 17, 2016

Syria: Russian Kalibar cruise missile caught on camera flying towards Aleppo

Russia has used the events taking place inside Syria in which to test its latest weapons systems which will allow them to:

  1. Allow its military to become familiar in their use.
  2. Allow the military to test and adjust the weapon in which to iron out any faults
  3. Use the situation as a huge advertising campaign in which to sell to the weapon happy Middle East.
The other day the Russians launched their latest offensive against the Islamist rebels surrounded in Aleppo. Supported by the Syrian and Iranian governments and the mullahs Hezb-allah lackeys. They they kickstarted their offensive with plenty of video coverage of the launching of Bastion Anti-Ship missiles used against land targets.

We have already been regaled to the use of the latest Russian aircraft over Syria, (However they have kept very quiet about how their latest Mig 29K which crashed into the Sea off Syria on trying to return to the Russian Carrier sailing off the coast) their T90 tanks (Which apparently to the Russian media are missile proof).

Anyway they also launched a load of Kalibar cruise missiles again (with none crashing inside Iran this time) and one of these was caught on camera flying over a town.

Here's a little more info on the 3M14 Kalibar Cruise Missile:

Isn't it strange how the Russians are showcasing their latest cruise missiles in a theatre of war, whilst the Royal Navy is getting rid of theirs in case they accidentally harm a terrorist during a weapons strike and somebody sues them.