Saturday, November 19, 2016

Iran: Liberals watch this brave woman speak and then defend the hijab?

(Iran) All across the Western world, Muslims enforce their warped misogynist mindset as a basic human right, I reported how students in America had a Hijab day in which to protest against Donald Trump winning the Presidential election. Muslims openly defy the French after they banned the Hijab from public schools. Across the free world, Muslim women wear the Hijab claiming it is their basic human right, yet In a growing number of Islamic countries (which these people have sought shelter from) there is no choice, you either wear it, or get arrested (and in a lot of cases raped). Here is a very brave woman in Iran saying it as it is and not as the Male dominated Islamic faith tells you how it should be:

Meanwhile across Europe Sharia Patrols are demanding that women cover up. Yet the liberals, gays and feminists defend the intolerant Islam.