Saturday, November 19, 2016

UK: Child asylum seeker rapes 5 year old, walks free with supervision order.

(Derby)  A 15 year old male child asylum seeker who was allowed to come to the UK to be with his father from Europe last October, must have had an sexual emergency when he raped a 5 year old boy, telling him, if he informed anybody he would break him. The child's mother suspected something was wrong with her infant and when she asked he told her, she then reported it to the police. But as this this is the UK, where the law is an ass, the 15 year old rapeugee was simply given a slapped wrist by the courts which consisted of a three-year youth rehabilitation order ,a six-month curfew confining him to his home address between 7pm and 6am each day for the first two months. He was also handed a five-year sexual harm prevention order forbidding him to have unsupervised contact with anyone aged under 13 without their parent or guardian's consent. He was also handed a restraining order forbidding him from contacting his victim for five years.  But just to make sure that this rapist got the message that raping 5 yer old children is not allowed in the Uk, the court issued his father with a 12-month parenting order to assist him as he brings his rapist child up.

I wonder if the judge would have been as lenient if the 5 year old rape victim had been his own child?